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"Advanced automation and technologies like ProGlove help us continue to scale operations so that we can reliably make deliveries to the millions of customers who count on the Gap Inc. team"


- Mike Baricevic
Director Distribution Engineering, GAP Inc.



ProGlove at GAP Inc.
For Fast Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment

This past year, Gap Inc. distribution centers managed some 400,000 store deliveries, and they shipped more than 100 million parcels. With much of that volume concentrated in a three-month peak season that runs from October to December, the stress on production systems and people can be intense.



The American worldwide clothing and accessories retailer can simply not afford downtime and inefficiencies that could negatively impact delivery schedules. Automation has been the cornerstone in Gap Inc.’s transformation of its distribution centers to support omni-channel fulfillment.



Two key measures of the success of the pilot project was the ease of adoption and minimization of disruption. Currently GAP is operational with some 600 ProGlove scanners in the Gallatin campus. With the pandemic, there was no time for extensive trainings but the intuitive interface enable new associates to be productive sooner. By minimizing focus on the tool, ProGlove scanners allow operators to concentrate more fully on their operational tasks. At the apparel's company scale, saved minutes quickly become hours with a significant return.

Read the full story to get more insights on GAP challenge and how ProGlove technology benefits both employees and customers. And, as an enabling technology in the scaling of distribution center capacity, helps support the growth that powers Gap Inc.’s mission.


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