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Discover how ProGlove Insight helps you optimize human-related shopfloor processes

ProGlove Insight provides the missing human-centered interface for warehouse managers, process owners, and team leads to drive operational excellence.

Learn how you can leverage new wearable datasets from MARK scanners to improve the productivity and performance on your processes right away. Understand the physical efforts needed from your workforce to achieve their daily goals. 

We will also show you how to navigate your device information and control center to ensure you’re working with the best performing assets. 



  • Rebuilding your shopfloor – why metadata matter
  • Completing the picture to monitor workflows: Continuous Time & Motion Studies
  • How to benchmark workstations
  • How to run ROI calculations on process optimizing initiatives
  • How to track your assets and locate lost devices
  • How to connect your devices in 2 minutes to benefit from ProGlove Insight

Do you speak German? Here you can find the registration link for our German demo. 

We look forward to introducing you to the latest member to the ProGlove Product Family!



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